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The Centre for Maritime Technology and Innovation (CMTI) is the executive branch of the Holland Shipbuilding Association. It is involved in technology and corporate development in the maritime industry.

CMTI aims to stimulate innovation in the maritime sector as a professional industry partner for:

•    Initiating project proposals

•    Preparing the contents, consortium and financing of projects

•    Realising and coordinating projects


CMTI has many years of experience of project management in the field of maritime innovation on both a national and European level.


By combining its maritime expertise and project experience CMTI can act as an expert partner for maritime sectors and knowledge institutions in joint projects. It initiates and coordinates research in combination with parties from the sector on a non-profit basis. Financing is based on project budgets.



Holland Shipbuilding

De Willemswerf

Boompjes 40
3011 XB Rotterdam

P.O. Box 23541

3001 KM Rotterdam

The Netherlands


T +31 (0)10 44 44 333

F +31 (0)10 21 30 700


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